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help for your business to become covid-19 secure birmingham

Covid-19 Secure

As more businesses are reopening, and furloughed employees return to work, the risk of Covid-19 infection will increase.

Making your business Covid-19 secure?

AWAS Consulting Ltd are here to help ensure your business is Covid-19 Secure, protecting your employees and visitors to your sites. We have already helped restart major UK businesses and services.

Our operational audits, risk assessments and guidance will enable your business to implement appropriate control measures and monitor and manage the behaviour of all persons on site.

How we can help

We will assess your risk and guide you through the implementation of control measures, based on your business’ individual needs.

Visual management is a critical part of reducing risk. Correct signage and current Government Guidance posters and floor markings in the appropriate areas, removing and reducing touch points, cleaning stations, reducing occupancy to office and work station areas, establishing one way systems and keeping cleaning sign-offs sheets are some parts of the process.

Make your work place Covid-19 secure

As an employer, you are responsible for the Health, Safety and Welfare of your employees and visitors.  Minimise time wasted by managers and allow your business to concentrate on maximising profit during and after this global pandemic, by ensuring your business is Covid-19 Secure.