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Health and safety Inspections

Health and Safety inspections covering all work areas, documentation and processes

AWAS Consulting Ltd can assist many types of businesses and educational organisations that require Health and Safety Inspections to be undertaken of their workplace or specific areas.

We will also ensure compliance with all current HSE legislation related to Health and Safety within the workplace.

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Control where needed

Our Health and Safety Inspections are an important monitoring tool to ensure hazards remain controlled and employees and visitors are not at risk.

Our Health and Safety team have extensive experience in a wide range premises such as warehouses, industrial units, offices, garages, hotels, schools, academies and colleges.

Health And Safety
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Health and Safety

Our Health and Safety inspections covers all work areas and physical parts of the premises, together with assessments of current documentation and processes.

The core aims of our expert inspection services are to:

  1. Identify hazards or potential hazards in the workplace
  2. Review and update current risk assessments
  3. Confidential communication with employees and managers about any concerns in workplace
  4. Inspection of processes to ensure safe systems of work are fit for purpose and adhered to

Following our Health and Safety inspections we will produce an in-depth report detailing:

  • Observations made and hazards identified
  • Level of risk (High, medium or low)
  • Any recommendations necessary to ensure on-going legal compliance

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